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A marketing communications company that combines a variety of technologies and skills to create sophisticated designs for branding, marketing materials and marketing campaigns.

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Graphics and Marketing Communications

Main portfolio categories

• Annual Reports
• Identity & Branding
• Brochures
• Sell and Data Sheets
• Posters
• Postcards
• Magazine Covers
• Magazine Ads
• Illustration
• Logos
• Business Cards
• CD/DVD Design
• Web Design
• Typography
• Digital Photography
• Photo Composition
• Photo Manipulation
• Writing



Latitude 28 Design and Marketing: HOME


Welcome to Latitude 28 Design and Marketing

The graphic above is part of a magazine ad Latitude 28 Design and Marketing designed for AMC publishing, to promote the four major insurance marketing products the firm publishes. You can view the entire ad by going HERE.

On our site you will find information about our company and the many services we offer, as well as an extensive portfolio of the graphical work we have designed over the years for a variety of clients. As you can see from the navigation bar to the left, we have diverse capabilities — everything from:

  • designing for print, including magazine covers, space ads for magazine and newspapers, brochures, annual reports and logos

  • creating unique identities for companies, and defining branding that sets them apart

  • digital photography, including original photography, photo manipulation and compositing

  • producing and directing videos

  • creating websites and a variety of web graphics

  • creative writing, copywriting, editing and technical writing

  • prepress for projects that go to print, and production expertise working with printers.

Latitude 28 Design and Marketing has been in the marketing communications and graphic design business since 1988. The professional design experience of our staff includes working for national and multi-national companies as both employees and free-lancers, and guiding the corporate communications and production departments of companies as Art Directors, Creative Directors, Publication Editors and Production Managers.

We also have extensive experience in Marketing and Promotion.

As you can tell, we bring a wealth of experience, and a unique perspective, to any company with which we work.